Technical tour to Obninsk NPP June 11, 2014

"In the Soviet Union, the efforts of scientists
and engineers resulted in successful completion of
design and construction of the first
commercial nuclear power plant
with the output of 5000 kilowatt of electricity".

TASS news agensy report of June 30 1954.

A Technical tour to Obninsk NPP will be organized in the framework of Atomexpo 2014 VI International Forum.

Obninsk NPP is the first commercial nuclear power plant in the world with the electric power of 5000 kilowatt. The reactor of the plant had 128 fuel channels and 23 CPS channels. One load of fuel allowed the plant to operate at full power for 80-100 days.

Obninsk NPP attracted attention from all over the world. Many prominent individuals wanted to see the Russian miracle with their own eyes. Among the guests who visiting the plant in different periods were famous scientists, polititians and public figures, including D. Nehru and I. Gandhi, A. Sukarno, V. Ulbricht, Kim Ir Sen, J. Broz Tito, F Joliot-Curie, G Seaborg, F. Perren, Z. Eklund, G.K. Zhukov, and Yu. A. Gagarin. In 60ies of the XX century, Obninsk NPP became a real breakthrough in the nuclear engineering. No coal, oil or gas was required - the heat from the reactor enclosed into a reliable protection of iron and concrete was driving turbine generator, generating the amounts of electricity then sufficient for the needs of a town with the population of 30-40 thousand. The consumption of nuclear fuel amounted to about 2 tons per year.

In the year of celebration of 60th anniversary of the NPP, the participants of the Technical tour will visit the "Laboratory B" (presently - A. I. Leypunsky Phisics and Power Engineering Institute, Federal Research Center of the Russian Federation) the place, where foundations of the nuclear power industry of Russia were formed, will see dosimetric monitoring control panel, the main control room, the reactor hall, the first nuclear power plant reactor in the world, named by I. V. Kurchatov as AM, which is a Russian acronym for "peaceful atom". The technical tour will be conducted by experienced employees of the plant, some of whom work for the plant since the first day.

Presently Obninsk NPP is decommissioned. The reavtor was shut down on April 29 2002 , after almost 48 years of successful operation. The reason for shutting down the reactor was scientific and technical inexpediency of its further operation. The Obninsk NPP is the first nuclear power plant decommissioned in Russia.


  • May 30 (for the citizens of the Russian Federation),
  • May 15 (for the foreign citizens).


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