The 6-th International ATOMEXPO-2014 Nuclear Energy Forum is competed in Moscow on 11-th of June. Three intense activity days of the Forum were marked with ultimate performance.
At the VI International Forum ATOMEXPO 2014 June 9 the round-table session “Internal Controls and Audit.
An expert discussion of issues related to nuclear generation economy will be discussed at the roundtable “NPP-generated electric power cost planning and optimization at design and construction stages” in the framework of the 6th International Forum ATOMEXPO on 10 June 2014.
Bank VTB JSC has signed an agreement to support the 6th International ATOMEXPO Forum.
A Technical Tour to Obninskaya NPP organized for participants of ATOMEXPO International Forum will take place on June 11, 2014.
The 6th International Forum “ATPMEXPO” in June will traditionally become a venue for meetings of national representatives of nuclear sector from various countries. Invitations to the “ATOMEXPO” Forum are being extended to heads of state corporations, nuclear energy ministers, as well as heads of major companies of nuclear industry.
Jacques Regaldo, WANO Chairman, sent a welcome address to the participants of the 6th International Forum “ATOMEXPO”.
A roundtable Planning and cost optimization of electric power generated at NPP on designing and construction stages will be held in the framework of the 6th International Forum “ATOMEXPO”.
An international exhibition of achievements and presentations of new nuclear technologies will be organized in the framework of the 6th International Forum “ATOMEXPO 2014”.
The round-table discussion will focus on the state of affairs on the world energy market, the existing trends and tendencies, and competitive advantages for development of international nuclear power sector.
ATOMEXPO'2014, 6th International Forum, will include a plenary session with participation of representatives of international and state organizations, Russian and foreign sectoral companies, leading experts in the sphere of atomic industry.
For the five years past from creation, the Forum “ATOMEXPO 2014” has become one of the major world events during which the most topical issues of the nuclear energy are discussed, and further nuclear power development trends are shaped.